Headlight Refurbrishment

Why refurbish headlights?

After 2002 BMW started using PermaSeal to seal the lens and housing of their headlights rendering them unservicable as permaseal is almost impossible to split once it sets. PermaSeal also looses its qualities over time and start to become brittle with age allowing water to get into the housing and cause condensation.
If left for long enough this will damage very expensive components inside the headlight such as the TMS module and in some cases if left alone long enough it can render the inside components like the wiring useless.

Our Solution:
We refurb your headlights by swapping over your headlights internal components to a new housing, and use a special self-healing compound to reseal the headlight with a brand new clear lens.

This service is readily available for F10/F11s only!!! For other models please:


F10/F11 5 Series BMWs:

  • €480 inc TAX per headlight to reaseal using new lens and housing (excluding bulbs, modules, caps or screws if missing)
  • €120 inc TAX to remove and install one or both headlights with coding and adaptations of new module
  • TMS modules : Adaptive xenon: €120, Standard Xenon €100, Halogen €80