G Series Best Sellers:

Our most chosen options for the G30 are:

  • Apple Caplay Activation (€110 including a wifi antenna)
    • Fullscreen may require iDrive system software flash at €60 extra
  • Speed Limit Info or Road side Recognition (€150)
    • Uses windscreen "Connected Drive" Cameras to read current speed signs and No Pass signs and displays them on the instrument cluster and Heads-Up display if equipped.
    • Installed using Genuine BMW activation FSC pack that is ordered minimum 12 Hours before appointment with a €100 deposit.
  • Genuine LCI Tail Lights (€1250 including fitting)
    • Beautiful updated black taillights available for the G30/G31 platform.
    • Genuine parts
  • Genuine BMW adaptive headlights with High Beam Assist
    • Available by order only (price on application)
    • With new steering column module with HighBeam Assist button
    • Provides exceptional illumination at night with constant high beam that tunnels around other vehicles with anti dazzle technology.
  • Alpina Speedometer
    • A very popular soft coding option on the G series giving a blue speedmotere theme.
    • As part of out soft coding deal of any 5 option for €40
  • Ambient Lighting Colour Change
    • Replace any existing ambient lighting selection with any colour of your choice.
    • As part of out soft coding deal of any 5 option for €40
  • Genuine BMW reversing camera (€450)
    • Genuine Kit fitted and wired to factory standard
    • Estate G31 price is €100 extra
  • ECU and Transmission Remap
    • Available now on all engines and transmissions. 
    • Even on latest software OBD locked ECUs 
    • Prices start at 300 for the G series, locked ECUs patch cost additional €200

Dont see what you're after? 

Not to worry, if it's an option from factory we can make it happen