F Series Best Sellers:

Ourmost common options for the F series are:

  • Apple Caplay/Android Auto MMI box (€350)
  • Ambient Lighting Retrofit
    • 9 colour kit controllable from iDrive (€395)
    • 2 colour kit (orange and blue only) with switches in door handle trim (€250)
  • Genuine BMW reversing camera (€500)
    • Genuine Kit fitted and wired to factory standard
    • Estate F11 price is €100 extra
  • ECU and Transmission Remap
    • Available now on all engines and transmissions. 
    • Even on latest software OBD locked ECUs 
    • Prices start at €250 for the F series, on some 2016 and later models locked ECUs patch cost additional €200
  • F10 Headlight Resealing (€450 per light)
    • Using a new lens and housing we reseal your old headlights 
    • Great price alternative for the adaptive pre lci adaptive headlight
  • Harman Kardon retrofit (€1550)
    • All genuine speakers, wiring, amplifier and subwoofers supplied
    • All apart from rear doorcard speakers fitted
      • Rear doors require replacement rear door cards which can be ordered also depending on interior color.
    • All wired and fitted to factory spec.
  • 6WB Digital Clusters (Prices start at €850)
  • iStep Software Update (€60 per module or €150 for whole car)
    • Can vastly improve the cars fuel economy, handling and even performance
    • Can fix software glitches/bugs
    • Is recommended before a remap

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